Studio Hyperset

A media design & development firm based in Huntington Beach, California.


Studio Hyperset is a media design & development firm based in Huntington Beach, California. We specialize in WordPress sites, plugins, and cinema-quality videos.

Studio Hyperset began its life in 2006 as a vertically-integrated, client-focused creative services firm. Since then, we've helped businesses, individuals, and non-profits from all over the world build a diverse set of media collateral. Over the past nine years, Studio Hyperset has grown and diversified. In addition to our creative services, we now build media and solutions of our own.

This body of services, solutions, and media is outlined below.

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Creative Services


In-house and for-hire; development and management; bespoke and customization; themes and plugins -- WordPress development is Studio Hyperset's bread-and-butter.

PHP & jQuery

Within and without the WordPress framework, Studio Hyperset solves problems and builds robust solutions using PHP and jQuery.


Lightweight animations, effects, and Parallax; advanced selectors, backgrounds, and web applications; responsive design and media queries -- HTML5 and CSS3 help Studio Hyperset structure content more elegantly and efficiently than ever.


Whether you want to sell one widget or develop an online marketplace, Studio Hyperset builds turn-key eCommerce solutions that are easy-to-use, scalable, and filled with valuable marketing data.

A/V (Post)Production

In addition to its event coverage services, Studio Hyperset helps clients produce and post-produce a diverse range of video collateral for fundraising, marketing, and other corporate purposes. We build, transport, supply, and manage our own a/v teams and talent, liberating clients from personnel, DIT, and delivery details and leaving them free to concentrate on big-picture messaging and production review.

Web & broadcast

Industrial & Training

Event Coverage


Graphic Design

Studio Hyperset specializes in web layouts and WordPress themes, but it can also deliver print and marketing designs; logo and branding items; brochures, invitations, and event collateral; and other forms of business, non-profit, and individual design projects.

Project Management

For complex creative projects, Studio Hyperset can build and manage teams and make sure everyone stays on track and on task.

Social Media Management

Whether you want to gain followers, expose your brand, or run a targeted ad campaign, Studio Hyperset can help you manage your social media accounts more effectively and develop conversion-driven marketing strategies that boost sales and augment your social footprint.

Professional Writing

For print and the web; memos and white papers; blog posts, scripts, and even song lyrics — Studio Hyperset regularly produces and edits all manner of business and creative textual content, making it a firm of professional editors and writers unbound by genre.

Database, Application & Full Stack Development

Whether you want to build the next great technology solution, need to manage enterprise data more efficiently, or want to develop a single-page web application, Studio Hyperset helps clients build robust, targeted frameworks that solve challenges elegantly and efficiently.




Sidejump helps synchronize development, staging, and production instances of WordPress.

Page-Links Plus

A WordPress plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.



Live Free or Die!

A serial comedy/drama focused on urban expatriate Edward Dewey and his experiences at “Misty Mountain”: a present-day New Hampshire commune.





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